Advocacy – NMSDC MBEs – Fueling Economic Growth

As we build our strategic plan in alignment with the NMSDC value propositions, we will begin to advocate for minority business enterprises (MBEs) at both the national and local level. NMSDC principles, policies and programs represent best practices and offer important lessons for policymakers.


1. To ensure equivalent opportunities for minority businesses in federal entrepreneurship policies and contracting.

2. To demonstrate to federal policy makers and other business stakeholders that NMSDC is the thought leader in advocating for minority business growth and development.

3. To enlighten federal policy makers and others in how NMSDC’s minority supplier development policies and strategies are synonymous with best practices and are key tools for growing mature minority businesses of scale and size across all industry sectors.

4. To establish NMSDC’s authority as the go to resource for comprehensive information and advice concerning policies, regulations, and/or legislation concerning minority-owned businesses, contracting, growth and development.


1. Advocate – urge the Trump Administration and the Congress to fully enforce existing federal rules concerning MBE diversity and inclusion for direct and federally assisted contracting. Request that the Trump Administration and the Congress collect, publish and assess data from every federal agency concerning their respective diversity and inclusion goals.

2. Collaborate – partner with NMSDC on ways to modernize and improve minority business/DBE certification processes and particularly federal certification requirements to better correspond to market realities.

3. Support – pilot programs that utilize NMSDC’s expertise in performing certification function