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Open Applications! NMSDC Provides 25 Need-Based Cash Relief Grants

Open Applications! NMSDC Provides 25 Need-Based Cash Relief Grants

Open Applications! NMSDC Provides 25 Need-Based Cash Relief Grants

Dear NMSDC Community,

In partnership with Voya Financial®, NMSDC is providing 25 need-based cash relief grants of $5,000 to small businesses (with annual revenue up to $1 million).

To apply, fill out the application by April 23, 2021. Grant awardees will be notified on or before May 7, 2021.

This grant opportunity is for businesses certified as minority-owned, women-owned, LGBTQ-owned, or owned by people with disabilities.

Please email with any questions.

Thank you,
NMSDC and Voya Financial Team
Maria Prince

Vice President NMSDC Academy

3 Places to Find Funding For Your Business

3 Places to Find Funding For Your Business

In the U.S., Black-owned businesses increased 34.5% between 2007 and 2012 totaling 2.6 million firms. Yet, they still typically face greater challenges in securing capital compared to white-owned businesses.

NMSDC Supports the Asian-American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Community

NMSDC Supports the Asian-American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Community

Once again, we find ourselves struggling to comprehend the horror of more lives lost and forever changed because of racially motivated violence. Our hearts are broken for the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community, especially those impacted by last week’s shootings in Atlanta as well as the countless others suffering from persecution and targeted attacks in communities across the nation.

Aggression against AAPI people and companies—specifically small and AAPI-owned businesses—while not new, has intensified at a disturbing rate in recent weeks. NMSDC stands in solidarity with our friends, neighbors, and colleagues and the entire AAPI community in denouncing these recent incidents and all instances of violent behavior, specifically when motivated by hatred, intolerance, and prejudice.

NMSDC remains dedicated to advancing conversations, initiatives, and programs which unite us as business leaders and as citizens of the world in our shared fight against intolerance. We choose to be optimistic that through our combined efforts, positive social changes are possible.

Please join NMSDC and our 23 Regional Affiliates in being strong advocates for fairness and equity and to #StopAAPIHate.

Jose Turkienicz, Chairman, Board of Directors, NMSDC

Jose Turkienicz
Chairman of the Board of Directors

NMSDC Network

Capital Region Minority Supplier Development Council
Sharon Pinder, President/CEO, CRMSDC
Sharon Pinder

Carolinas-Virginia Minority Supplier Development Council
Dominique Simpson Milton, President/CEO, CVMSDC
Dominique Simpson Milton

Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council

Vincent Williams

Dallas/Fort Worth Minority Supplier Development Council
Margo Posey, President/CEO, DFWMSDC
Margo Posey

Eastern Minority Supplier Development Council
Valerie Cofield, CEO, EMSDC
Valerie Cofield

Florida State Minority Supplier Development Council
Beatrice Louissaint, President, FSMSDC
Beatrice Louissaint

Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council

Stacey Key, President/CEO, GMSDC
Stacey Key

Greater New England Minority Supplier Development Council
Peter F. Hurst, Jr., President/CEO, GNEMSDC
Peter F. Hurst, Jr.

Houston Minority Supplier Development Council
Ingrid M. Robinson, President/CEO, HMSDC
Ingrid M. Robinson

Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council

Michelle Sourie Robinson, President/CEO, MMSDC
Michelle Sourie Robinson

Mid-States Minority Supplier Development Council
Carolyn E. Mosby, President & CEO, Mid-States MSDC
Carolyn Mosby

Mountain Plains Minority Supplier Development Council
Stan Sena, President & CEO, MPMSDC
Stan Sena

New York & New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council
Terrence Clark, President/CEO, NYNJMSDC
Terrence Clark

North Central Minority Supplier Development Council
Heather Olson, President/CEO, North Central MSDC
Heather Olson

Northwest Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council
Fernando Martinez, President/CEO, NWMMSDC
Fernando Martinez

Ohio Minority Supplier Development Council
Jacqueline D. Neal, President/CEO, OhioMSDC
Jacqueline D. Neal

Pacific Southwest Minority Supplier Development Council
Patricia Crenshaw, Board Representative, PSWMSDC
Patricia Crenshaw
Board Representative

Puerto Rico Minority Supplier Development Council
Francisco S. Cabrera, Acting President, PRMSDC
Mr. Francisco S. Cabrera
Acting President

Southern California Minority Supplier Development Council
Virginia Gomez, President/CEO, SCMSDC
Ms. Virginia Gomez

Southern Region Minority Supplier Development Council
Alvin-O Williams, President/CEO, SRMSDC
Mr. Alvin-o Williams

Southwest Minority Supplier Development Council
Karen Box, President/CEO, SMSDC
Ms. Karen Box

TriState Minority Supplier Development Council
Cheri Henderson, President/CEO TSMSDC
Ms. Cheri Henderson

Western Regional Minority Supplier Development Council
Cecil Plummer, President/CEO, WRMSDC
Mr. Cecil Plummer

From the Desk of Jose Turkienicz – NMSDC President & CEO Announcement

From the Desk of Jose Turkienicz – NMSDC President & CEO Announcement

From the Desk of Jose Turkienicz – NMSDC President & CEO Announcement

Dear NMSDC Community,

It is with mixed emotions that I announce that Adrienne Trimble will be stepping down as President & CEO of NMSDC. Adrienne joined the organization in August 2018 with a three-year contract. She has decided to return to the corporate world to continue advancing diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. Her last day with NMSDC is February 28, 2021.

During Adrienne’s short tenure, she successfully:

  • Developed and executed against the long-term vision for NMSDC to continue its legacy of growing and advancing minority business inclusion
  • Re-established the organization as the leading advocacy voice for supplier diversity and
  • economic inclusion
  • Led the organization through a global pandemic, bringing much needed resources, capital and contracts to MBE and leading the way with virtual programming and events
  • In the wake of calls for social justice she created and launched the In This Together (ITT) campaign, which raised over $2M to sustain minority businesses
  • Reversed the decline in corporate memberships and MBE certifications, adding 80 new corporate members in 2020, the highest number of new members in a single year in NMSDC history
  • Introduced new revenue streams to the organization
  • Stood up a committee to assess and recommend NMSDC and RMSDCs operating model
    for the future
  • Increased transparency within the network
  • Began addressing skill and infrastructure needs at the National Office
  • Strengthen and recruited a solid Executive Leadership team

A search committee has been established consisting of Board Chair, Jose Turkienicz; Vice Chair, Guy Schweppe; Treasurer, Clint Grimes; Secretary, Gabe Castro; Chair of the Affiliate Presidents, Stacey Key; and former National MBE Input Committee Chair, Clifford Bailey. Interviews are currently underway and we hope to have a final selection soon.

The NMSDC Executive Leadership team will remain in place and report directly to the NMSDC Officers while a search is conducted for the next President & CEO.

We thank Adrienne for her tireless efforts of advocacy and support for minority business inclusion and wish her much success in her future endeavors.


Jose Turkienicz, Chairman, Board of Directors, NMSDC

Jose Turkienicz
Chairman of the Board of Directors