CyberReadyMBE™ Designation

Cyber Ready Designation

Cybersecurity readiness and a lack of diversity are part of the problem.

Be Part of the Solution

The U.S. government and corporations now mandate their partners  adhere to a certain set of protocols ensuring their cybersecurity.

The National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) and its corporate sponsors are partnering with Industry Workforce Solutions (IWS) to bring CyberReadyMBE™, a critical infrastructure training, to the council’s over 15,000 certified-minority business enterprises (MBEs).

NMSDC and its corporate members recognize the CyberReadyMBE™ designation as basic cyber hygiene as well as foundational preparation for the Department of Defense’s Cybersecurity Model Certification (CMMC) program.

By participating, MBEs will join a select group of CyberReady™ companies positioned to gain new business in an increasingly cybersecurity-regulated marketplace.

Cyber Security - 5-Week (Virtual) Program
Cyber Security - Cyber-Summit
Cyber Security - Instructor-Led Modules

* To make this program available to all certified MBEs nationwide, there will be a total of four opportunities to take the CyberReadyMBE™ course over the next year.
Check with your local affiliate and the NMSDC office for upcoming dates.

*Program fees for certified MBEs are provided by the corporate sponsors.  The Cyber and Workforce Gap Assessment fees are paid for by MBE.

MBEs own 30% of U.S. businesses, employ 7.2 million workers, and generate over $1 trillion per year in revenue.
Making sure MBEs play a role in the nation’s efforts to protect data and intellectual property is essential.

Program Modules:

September, 13 2022: Cyber Summit
9 a.m. – 12 p.m. ET

Sept. 13: Cyber Summit

NMSDCHear from experts from industry, academia, and federal and state supporters on initiatives across the nation.
NMSDCLearn how critical it is for MBEs to play a role in the nation’s goal to create a safer, stronger, and cyber-ready supply chain.
NMSDCLearn from corporations and government on the need for MBEs to be cyber ready and what is required.

September 20, 2022: Fundamentals of Cybersecurity Readiness
9 a.m. – 12 p.m. ET

Sept. 20: Fundamentals of Cybersecurity Readiness

NMSDCLearn what it takes to be compliant with federal and corporate standards.
NMSDCIdentify your unique risks and gaps in compliance.
NMSDCCreate an action plan for achieving compliance.

September 27, 2022: Workforce Capabilities and Readiness
9 a.m. – 12 p.m. ET

Sept. 27: Workforce Capabilities and Readiness.

NMSDCDetermine your unique workforce needs.
NMSDCIdentify your gaps in workplace roles and how to address them.
NMSDCLearn about the roles and responsibilities needed for a cyber-ready workplace.

October 4, 2022: Doing Business with Government and Corporations
9 a.m. – 12 p.m. ET

Oct. 4: Doing Business with Government and Corporations.

NMSDCLearn how the CyberReadyMBE™ designation aligns with government and corporate standards.
NMSDCUnderstand the process of doing business with federal and corporate members.
NMSDCCorporate representatives will attend the session to recruit new MBEs.

October 11, 2022: Matchmaking and Leveraging Resources
9 a.m. – 12 p.m. ET

Oct. 11: Matchmaking and Leveraging Resources.

NMSDCLearn how to leverage your new CyberReadyMBE™ designation to increase business potential and cultivate new relationships.
NMSDCCorporate sponsors and supporters will attend this session and virtual recruitment fair.

Assessment: Cybersecurity and Workforce Gap Assessment (fee paid by MBE)

Assessment: Cybersecurity and Workforce Gap Assessment

NMSDCExperts  assess companies cyber and workforce gaps.
NMSDCCompanies receive recommendations to close those gaps.
NMSDCCompanies that pass the assessment receive a CyberReadyMBE™ designation from NMSDC.
NMSDCCompanies stay engaged with experts until their gaps are closed.

The Solution Needs Help from All Sides

Learn about cyberthreats | Earn designation | Land new business | Protect yourself

Corporate and Government
Diversify your supplier network | Participate in strengthening the national supply chain | Support corporate diversity and inclusion efforts

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NMSDC Partners with Industry Workforce Solutions to Enable Cyber Readiness Training for Minority Business Enterprises

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CyberReadyMBE™ is brought to certified MBEs by Industry Workforce Solutions with support from Bank of America, GE Foundation, and Truist.

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