NMSDC’s 50for50 Capital Campaign

NMSDC 50 For 50 Campaign

NMSDC’s 50for50 Capital Campaign

For the last 50 years, NMSDC has been connecting and advocating for the inclusion of minority businesses and our success is historic and unmatched: over 15,000 MBEs connected to more than 1,500 corporations, resulting in nearly $400 billion in total economic output annually, generating $122 billion in wages, contributing to $130 billion in taxes, and sustaining 1.75 million jobs. We are the nation’s largest, most impactful, and successful non-profit advocacy organization for MBEs, proving growth for MBEs is growth for all.

Our goal is to ensure representation and economic equity for systematically excluded communities of colors and their minority-owned businesses (MBE) of all sizes – this is at the heart of everything we do.

And by helping Asian-Indian, Asian-Pacific, Black, Hispanic, and Native American businesses push forward, we are creating a more united and prosperous society for all.

Our Goal

We have set a bold goal of reaching $1 Trillion in NMSDC-certified MBE annual revenue and we need your help to achieve this. We aspire to raise $50 million dollars this year to ensure NMSDC has the capacity, technology, and funding to support the road to $1 Trillion. We hope to also create an endowment with the funds raised to ensure our next 50 years will have meaningful impact to close the wealth gap for systematically excluded communities of color, and ultimately achieve economic equity for all MBEs.

Ying McGuire, CEO and President, NMSDC“Let’s build a foundation for the next 50 years together. Let’s make this decade the turning point in the story of minority business development. Let’s intentionally support certified MBEs to achieve $1 trillion in annual revenue generation (4.3% of US GDP). As the old saying goes, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ Please join me on this journey to 1 Trillion!”

–Ying McGuire, CEO & President NMSDC

Commitment Goals

We have designed our commitment levels and benefits to meet a variety of budgets and goals:

For more information on the benefits for each commitment level, please view our Commitment Levels and Benefits PDF.

Make the Commitment

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to NMSDC. Please use the 50for50 Campaign Pledge Form below. NMSDC staff will follow up with you to verify your pledge before adding your company’s commitment level to the website.