The #WeAreNMSDC Campaign

To celebrate our 45th anniversary, the accomplishments of the NMSDC network, and to showcase the economic impact of minority businesses, the #WeAreNMSDC campaign highlights the achievements of our corporate members, MBEs and affiliates councils.

We invited our corporate members, MBEs and affiliate councils to participate in the #WeAreNMSDC campaign.

How to Participate?

Participants created a 60-90 sec video to post on their web site, social media channels and share with NMSDC.  The video guidelines were:

Corporate Member

1) Minority supplier development efforts

2) Involvement with NMSDC and the benefits of NMSDC membership

3) Encourage other corporations in your industry group to join to the same under the hashtag #WeAreNMSDC on social media


1) Positive experience within the network

2) Encourage non-certified MBEs to get certified

3) Encouraging other NMSDC certified MBEs to do the same under the #WeAreNMSDC on social media


1) Efforts in the network

2) Call to MBEs to get certified

3) encouraging other councils to do the same under the #WeAreNMSDC on social media

Participation months: (Industry groups)

  • March: Healthcare
  • April: Advertising, Entertainment, Media and Sports
  • May: Utilities
  • June Technology
  • July: Petrochemical and Energy
  • August: Financial Services
  • September: Consumer Products
  • October: Automotive

#WeAreNMSDC Videos & Podcasts

#WeAreNMSDC Mashup

#WeAreNMSDC – Auto Industry

#WeAreNMSDC – Ampcus

#WeAreNMSDC – Acro

#WeAreNMSDC – Kyyba


#WeAreNMSDC – Legacy

Leamon R. Sowell Jr. (Managing Partner, Sowell Law Partners); Mohan Viddam (Chairman and CEO, Halcyon Solutions); Walter Griggs (CEO, SquarePac); Steven Bromell (Pro Cutters Lawnscapes)

#WeAreNMSDC – How Do You Encourage Innovation or Creativity?

Creativity and innovation is essential for any organization if you want to keep your business moving forward.  Developing  a culture in which all employees are actively encouraged to push ideas forward can help your firm innovate.   Watch our latest addition to the #WeAreNMSDC campaign as representatives from our network share their thoughts on the importance of encouraging creativity and innovation.

Stephen M. Daste (Principal/managing Director, FFC Capital Markets); Beatrice Louissaint (President & CEO, Florida State MSDC); Devon Henry (CEO & President, Team Henry Enterprises, LLC); Anjali Ann Ramakumaran (Ceo, Ampcus)

#WeAreNMSDC – Building Relationships

It takes a dedicated amount of time and energy to build good, strong, lasting business relationships. They are an integral and necessary part of business success.  Watch our latest addition to the #WeAreNMSDC campaign as representatives from our network share their thoughts on the importance of relationship building.

Kip Wright, Senior Vice President, Manpower North America; Kalan R. Haywood, Sr., President, Vanguard Group, LLC.

#WeAreNMSDCCommunity Impact

“The lifeblood of our economy has always been small business and entrepreneurs creating jobs. It’s important to encourage and support the new generation of entrepreneurs.”
Jatinder-Bir Sandhu, CEO, NYX, Inc

Featuring: Jatinder-Bir Sandhu (Chief Executive Officer, NYX, Inc.); Debra Jennings-Johnson (Senior Director Supplier Diversity, BP America); Ed Ryland (President, Arvo Realty Advisors); Jay Narang (Executive Vice President, GDKN)

#WeAreNMSDC – Little Known Facts About NMSDC

“Their mission is to help us grow our company. If there’s training that you need, to better your company, the NMSDC is there for you.”
Sharon King, President, Castle Business Solutions

Featuring: Ray McFarland (CEO, 21 Century Expo Group); Mohan Viddam (Chairman and CEO, Halcyon Solutions); Dr. Ramesh Wadhwani (President/CEO, Sai Systems International, Inc.); Sharon King (President, Castle Business Solutions)

#WeAreNMSDC – Leadership

“Weather your volume is three million dollars, or 100 million dollars. It’s the same level of dedication, it’s the same level of Leadership that’s required.”
Kirby Hays, President & CEO, Hal Hays Construction Inc.

Featuring: Kirby Hays (President & CEO, Hal Hays Construction Inc.), Sharon King (President, Castle Business Solutions), Stephen M. Daste (Principal/managing Director, FFC Capital Markets), Kip Wright (Senior Vice President, Manpower North America), Kalan R. Haywood, Sr. (President, Vanguard Group, LLC.), Tillie Hidalgo Lima (President/CEO, Best Upon Request)

Which is most important to your organization: “Mission, Vision, Purpose, or Core Values?”
Featuring: Brad Campbell (CEO, Ioway Energy/Construction), Debra Jennings-Johnson (Senior Director Supplier Diversity, BP America), Ronald Damper (CEO, DAMRON Corporation),
Tillie Hildalgo Lima (President/CEO, Best Upon Request), Stephen M. Daste (Principal/managing Director, FFC Capital Markets)

“The Power of the Network”
Featuring: Anjali Ann Ramakumaran (CEO, Ampcus), Dr. Ramesh Wadhwani (President/CEO
Sai Systems International, Inc.), Beatrice Louissaint (President & CEO, Florida State MSDC), Keith Hines (Director, Procurement, PricewaterhouseCoopers – PWC)

Joset Wright-Lacy
Former President

Kelly Services

Andra Rush
Founder, Chair and CEO
Rush Group


Andy Butler (Supplier Citizenship & Innovation, Procter & Gamble); Carla F Cobb (Senior Purchasing Manager, Brand & Business Services, P&G): Shondale Wolfork (Senior Purchasing Manager, P&G); Melissa Rae Baker (Senior Purchasing Manager, Supplier Citizenship & Innovation, P&G); Yelena Simonova (P&G Corporate Supplier Diversity, P&G)

Varchasvi Shankar
President and CEO, V2Soft, Inc.

LJ Ross Associates

Visual Citi

Ranjini Podda
Co-Founder & CEO

Michael Henry
Director of Global Diversity and Corporate Responsibility, PSMI

Dr. E’Lois Thomas
Chief Administrative Officer, SEEL

Donna Latson Gittens
Founder and CEO, MORE Advertising

#WeAreNMSDC – Greater New England

Peter Hurst
Chairman and CEO, GNEMSDC

Bruce Geier
President, Technology Integration Group (TIG)

Lisa Morris
Business Development Executive, Technology Integration Group (TIG)

Ying Mcguire
VP, international Operations & Business Development, Technology Integration Group (TIG)

Mike Wilson
President and CEO, FHLB, Des Moines

Heather Hooks
VP and Diversity Manager, FHLB, Des Moines

Bill Bemis
Treasurer, FHLB, Des Moines

Tom Linebarger
Chairman and CEO, Cummins

Carolyn Mosby
President and CEO, Mid-States MSDC


Fernando Martinez
President & CEO, Northwest Mountain MSDC

Gary Sheneman
Microsoft, NWM MSDC Board Chairperson

Leon Richardson
CEO & President, The Chemico Group

Samuel Spencer
CFO & Head of M&A, The Chemico Group

Betty Manetta
President and CEO
Argent Associates, Inc

Jacqueline D. Neal
President and CEO, Ohio MSDC

Annette Quintana
CEO, Istonish

Nina Vaca
President and CEO, Pinnacle Group

“Going Places”

Margo Posey
President, D/FWMSDC

Oscar Calillas
President, BEPC, Inc.

Janice Bryant Howroyd 
Founder & CEO, Act 1 Group

Richard L. Barnes

Stephen Hightower II
Hightower Petroleum

Avis Yates Rivers

Karen Box
President & CEO

Sophia Samuel
President & CEO

Max Rutherford
Vendor Partner Diversity Director/SBLO

Jacqueline Matos

Donald Chu
President & CEO

Mausami Kakkar
Director of Sales & Managed Services

Ruth Porat
Senior Vice President & CFO
Google & Alphabet

Gil Vidals

Jorge A. Plasencio
Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO

Jorge A. Plasencia
Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO

Advertising, Entertainment, Media and Sports (AEMS) Group
NBC Comcast Universal, MLB, Time Warner, MGM Resorts

Angela Guzman
AMES Chair,
Director, Supplier Diversity
NBC Comcast Universal

Greg Ontiveros
Group O

Terrence Clark
President & CEO
NYNJMSDC (The Council)

Quincy Henry
Marketing Manager
Freemind Seattle

Ron Stokes
President & CEO
Three Leaf Productions

On this episode, Stokes discusses his 14 years of business experience, the importance of mentorship, and why family is critical to the success of his business

Dennis Brooks
Trio Group

Duff Stewart

Richard Manson

Aalap Shah

Aalap Shah of SoMe talks with Supplierty News about their journey in business.

Raul Suarez-Rodriguez, Manager, Supplier Diversity/Strategic Procurement; Jesse Gonzalez, Senior Analyst, Supplier Diversity, CVS Health

Quick Fact: CVS’ Diverse Retail Pharmacy Program encourages diverse-owned, independent retail pharmacies to become certified diverse-business enterprises, so they can expand and establish potential business opportunities with CVS Health.

Susana Robledo
Founder & CEO
Cube Care

DBHealthcare – MBE

Rakesh Kamdar
President And CEO
DB Healthcare

Quick Fact: DB Healthcare works with commercial and government healthcare and life sciences organizations to augment their Healthcare and IT projects.

A3i – MBE

Jorge Amaro
Chief Executive Officer

A3i is a Healthcare company that partners with customers to provide patient focused solutions that leverage innovation to help improve a person’s quality of life.  Jorge Amaro, President and CEO, talks with us about his passion for helping others and his 34 years of experience within the health and pharmaceutical industry.

Express Scripts – Corporate Member
Healthcare Industry Group

Kendra Burris-Austin
Director, Supplier Diversity
Express Scripts

Welcome to the first episode of the Podcast #WeAreNMSDC. We recently sat down with Express Scripts and spoke with Kendra Burris-Austin and Bianca Hester to learn more about their Supplier Diversity Program.

For those unaware Express Scripts is an American Fortune 22 corporation located in St. Louis, MO. They are the largest pharmacy benefit management organization in the United States, with annual revenues in excess of $100 billion.

Quick Fact: Express Scripts utilizes the Rule of One, an initiative that insures a diverse supplier is represented on every competitive bid.