Bravo Story Joins NMSDC Team to Help Elevate MBE Stories

Bravo Story Header Image

NMSDC is thrilled to announce that Bravo Story, a highly regarded public relations agency, has joined forces with NMSDC to support and amplify the stories of the minority business enterprise (MBEs) community. By partnering with Bravo Story, NMSDC aims to bring greater visibility and recognition to the accomplishments and growth of MBEs through effective media engagement.

Bravo Story is an NMSDC-certified, Hispanic-owned, and operated company. It promotes authentic brand connections with consumers thanks to relationships with hundreds of publishers, editors, and multicultural journalists nationwide. It draws inspiration from a passion for storytelling and relationships with influential members of the financial, health, automotive, education and tech communities. Bravo Story strongly believes great storytellers are the catalysts in passionate, engaged communities.

“We’re proud to support NMSDC’s aspirational goal of $1 trillion in annual revenue for certified MBEs. As an NMSDC-certified agency, we are bringing together our passion and expertise towards the ultimate goal of helping close the racial and economic wealth gap in communities of color,” said María Fernanda Trochimezuk, founder of Bravo Story and IOScholarships.

The partnership between Bravo Story and NMSDC signifies a collective commitment to accelerate the growth and success of MBEs. By combining NMSDC’s mission to grow certified MBEs and advance economic equity with Bravo Story’s proficiency in storytelling and media engagement, this collaboration holds tremendous potential to elevate MBEs to new heights.

NMSDC believes that telling the stories of MBEs is key to increasing annual certified MBE annual revenue to $1 trillion and looks forward to Bravo Story’s assistance in achieving this goal. We look forward to working together to accomplish NMSDC’s vision of building generational wealth for communities of color.