The National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) offers a database matching service as a benefit of corporate membership that allows member corporations to validate their NMSDC-certified minority suppliers against the most comprehensive database of certified Asian-Indian, Asian-Pacific, Black, Hispanic, and Native American suppliers.

Benefits of CHECK-MATE

  • Eliminates time-consuming review.
  • Verifies NMSDC-certified minority suppliers.
  • Generates a match report of NMSDC-certified minority suppliers.
  • Identifies expired certified suppliers and council affiliations.
  • The data exchange is made through a secure website.
  • NMSDC will run the submitted file through its comprehensive NMSDC Central supplier database and return a formatted file that contains all matched records

How It Works

NMSDC corporate members provide NMSDC with a text file that contains the MBE’s EIN/tax ID and the MBE’s name separated by a comma. NMSDC uses that file to run against its system. NMSDC will return a formatted file that contains all matched records. The formatted file includes the MBE’s tax ID, company name, certification council, and certification expiration date.

Providing the File to NMSDC

Corporate members will provide the file to NMSDC using a secured website. The same website will be used to retrieve the results.

Running Multiple Files

The first run of a file is free as part of your corporate membership benefits. For additional runs, there is a nominal fee. Corporate members may be entitled to two additional searches for the year depending on the file size.

Ready to Submit a File?

Our Network Success team is ready to receive and run your file against our database. Contact Theresa Childress, associate director, Network Success at 212-944-2430, ext. 126, or click the contact us button to email her.