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Fortify Your Commitment to Minority Business Inclusion

Your company is invited to recommit to the utilization and growth of minority businesses. Learn how your company can support NMSDC’s MBE economic inclusion and parity initiatives.
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MBE Certification

MBE Certification

Get NMSDC-Certified

NMSDC serves as a growth engine for NMSDC-certified minority businesses and creates opportunities to connect MBEs to hundreds of America’s largest corporate members wishing to build relationships with trusted minority-owned companies. When you become NMSDC-certified, doors begin to open up. Learn more >

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership

Shaping Global Business Diversity

By joining the NMSDC corporate member network, your company becomes an integral part of shaping the global business diversity landscape. Plus, it has been proven that a more inclusive and diverse workforce/supply chain leads to improved market share and reduced operating costs – a win-win scenarios from top to bottom.
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Our Network

NMSDC Network

A National and Global Reach

The NMSDC Network includes 23 Regional Affiliates nationwide, which are the backbone of our gold standard certification program, working in the field locally to ensure our 15,000+ certified MBEs reach their full potential with our 1,500+ corporate members. Plus, 5 Global Affiliates ensure as you grow and expand, our network is here to support you. Learn more >

Economic Impact Report

Economic Impact Report

Beyond Supply Chain

Our success is historic and unmatched with 15,000+ MBEs connected to 1,500+ corporations, resulting in $396 billion in economic output annually, generating $130 billion in tax revenue, and sustaining 1.75 million jobs. We are the nation’s largest, most impactful, and successful non-profit advocacy organization for MBEs. Learn more >

Journey to $1 Trillion

NMSDC March to $1 Trillion

Make the Pledge, Become a Torchbearer

We have set a bold goal of reaching $1 Trillion in NMSDC-certified MBE annual revenue and we need your help to achieve this. We are marching towards a prosperity that is generative and transformative — for the certified minority businesses and communities gaining contracts, employment, and economic resilience. Learn more >

Build Up Local

Build Up Local

Infrastructure Law Education/Resources

Build Up Local will be the one stop shop for communities of color (Asian-Indian, Asian-Pacific, Black, Hispanic/Latinx, and Native American) to learn about resources and programs made available through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Learn More>

Global Link Affiliates

Supply Nation
Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council