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In This Together Pledges

Anger. Fear. Grief. Exasperation.
Like you, our organization is grappling with the emotional distress of seeing yet more lives lost and broken due to racial injustice and social inequity in our country. While many of us joined protests to peacefully demand justice, we also watched with you as civil unrest erupted into violence and vandalism in many cities. These events – coupled with the already damaging economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic – are dealing devastating blows to the minority business community.

I’ll be direct. The time for simply talking about these problems has passed. Change must come and come quickly. More than any other time in history, we are now called upon as business leaders to not only lend a hand to our MBEs, but to take definitive action and stand up against the systemic racial barriers plaguing our society.

Your Action Matters – Make a Difference Towards MBE Economic Inclusion and Parity
NMSDC promises to amplify our advocacy for supplier diversity and economic inclusion domestically and globally. We will leverage our forums to listen to MBEs about the obstacles they face and provide access to services and resources which address their challenges. Our efforts will be intentional and positioned to generate parity and economic inclusion within the all-too-often underserved minority business community.

In response to Corporate Partners and MBEs asking how to best address these issues, NMSDC invites you to support our 2020 MBE Recovery & Revitalization Campaign, featuring these financial, investment, and support resources:

Fortify Your Commitment to Minority Business Inclusion
Corporate Members are invited to recommit to the utilization and growth of minority businesses; we welcome individual commitments as well.

Start today by having your organization make a pledge to support one or all of our current programs and show your company’s intention to support NMSDC’s MBE economic inclusion and parity initiatives.

For individual commitments, please make your pledge here.

In This Together: 2020 Initiatives

Rebuilding Fund

Newly launched to invest in minority businesses struggling to recover from the economic downturn resulting from the COVID-19 and those sustaining damage and vandalism during violent protests.

If you need more insight on how your contribution will assist MBEs in need during this unprecedented time, contact Pauline Gebon at

Minority Business
Advocacy Initiative

NMSDC has convened a cross-organization coalition focused on eradicating the racial wealth gap and startup capital gap to build and scale minority businesses.

To advance this work, contact Henry Childs at

NMSDC Business
Consortium Fund

Our BCF is the only U.S. non-profit organization focused exclusively on financing the growth and development of certified MBEs operating in corporate and government supply chains nationally.

To help us raise capital for low interest loans to MBEs in need, please visit

NMSDC Academy

Our Academy program provides a range of immersive professional development, learning and training opportunities for MBEs and our Corporate Partners including: Emerging Young Entrepreneurs; Minority Business Leadership Academy; Centers of Excellence Certificate Program; and Women of Color initiatives.

Please contact Maria Prince at for more information on this program.

Corporate Pledges


Individual Pledges


This is the beginning of the dialogue. We will convene our Industry Group Leaders and the Supplier Diversity Advisory Committee to develop long term strategies to address systemic racial barriers impacting economic inclusion.  We have a shared responsibility to uphold our obligations to the MBEs we have vowed to support and sustain. I encourage you to join NMSDC’s efforts in addressing the urgent needs of today as well as stand together with us as advocates for creating meaningful and lasting changes in our country’s culture, policy, and social standards.

Please let me know if you have questions.

Thank you.

Sending You the Best,
On behalf of the NMSDC Network

NMSDC Network

National Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc.Jose Turkienicz, Chairman of the Board of Directors, NMSDCJose Turkienicz
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Capital Region Minority Supplier Development Council
Sharon Pinder, President/CEO, CRMSDC
Sharon Pinder

Carolinas-Virginia Minority Supplier Development Council
Dominique Simpson Milton, President/CEO, CVMSDC
Dominique Simpson Milton

Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council

Vincent Williams

Dallas/Fort Worth Minority Supplier Development Council
Margo Posey, President/CEO, DFWMSDC
Margo Posey

Eastern Minority Supplier Development Council
Valerie Cofield, CEO, EMSDC
Valerie Cofield

Florida State Minority Supplier Development Council
Beatrice Louissaint, President, FSMSDC
Beatrice Louissaint

Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council

Stacey Key, President/CEO, GMSDC
Stacey Key

Greater New England Minority Supplier Development Council
Peter F. Hurst, Jr., President/CEO, GNEMSDC
Peter F. Hurst, Jr.

Houston Minority Supplier Development Council
Ingrid M. Robinson, President/CEO, HMSDC
Ingrid M. Robinson

Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council

Michelle Sourie Robinson, President/CEO, MMSDC
Michelle Sourie Robinson

Mid-States Minority Supplier Development Council
Carolyn E. Mosby, President & CEO, Mid-States MSDC
Carolyn Mosby

Mountain Plains Minority Supplier Development Council
Stan Sena, President & CEO, MPMSDC
Stan Sena

New York & New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council
Terrence Clark, President/CEO, NYNJMSDC
Terrence Clark

North Central Minority Supplier Development Council
Heather Olson, President/CEO, North Central MSDC
Heather Olson

Northwest Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council
Fernando Martinez, President/CEO, NWMMSDC
Fernando Martinez

Ohio Minority Supplier Development Council
Jacqueline D. Neal, President/CEO, OhioMSDC
Jacqueline D. Neal

Pacific Southwest Minority Supplier Development Council
Patricia Crenshaw, Board Representative, PSWMSDC
Patricia Crenshaw
Board Representative

Puerto Rico Minority Supplier Development Council
Francisco S. Cabrera, Acting President, PRMSDC
Mr. Francisco S. Cabrera
Acting President

Southern California Minority Supplier Development Council
Virginia Gomez, President/CEO, SCMSDC
Ms. Virginia Gomez

Southern Region Minority Supplier Development Council
Alvin-O Williams, President/CEO, SRMSDC
Mr. Alvin-o Williams

Southwest Minority Supplier Development Council
Karen Box, President/CEO, SMSDC
Ms. Karen Box

TriState Minority Supplier Development Council
Cheri Henderson, President/CEO TSMSDC
Ms. Cheri Henderson

Western Regional Minority Supplier Development Council
Cecil Plummer, President/CEO, WRMSDC
Mr. Cecil Plummer