Jacqueline Marie Matos Bio

For    32 years in the PRMSDC, former   PR Purchasing Council   and PR Supplier Development Council, Jacqueline Marie Matos has   served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Council.   She has had   a magnificent career full of enriching, rewarding and learning   experiences.  She has served corporate members and certified suppliers, as well as to have contributed   to   the advancement   of the mission of the Council. In her   journey, she   has   positioned   the PRMSDC in a prominent space   within   NMSDC Network and Puerto Rico. In 2009 the Council ranked 6th at the top quadrant   the 38 Councils and moved to 2nd   category in 2011; in 2015 it ranked 6th in the constituents satisfaction survey score;   and in 2018, as 3rd of the 5 top performers of the 23 councils. As the president of   a nonprofit 501 c3 organization, she have built a solid organization.

Being recognized as an Advocate of Minorities Business Enterprises by the US Department of Commerce   and   acknowledged   by   the   SBA regional office    that   “the PRMSDC continues to be   a State leader in innovation for Hispanic Minority & inclusion in government and corporate procurement and building the overall capacity of Minority Businesses”; and   the recipient of   the Vanguard   Award, conferred by NMSDC   at the Leaderships Awards Gala. These achievements are the best rewards for a work done well.  Nevertheless what gives her   the greatest satisfaction is having witnessed how the Puerto Rican enterprises have grown into more competitive suppliers, providing goods and services to   our buying organization members.

She has vast experience in the manufacturing culture and businesses in Puerto Rico.  In areas such as; Strategic Planning, Supplier Certification, Puerto Rican Industries, Exports, Solid Waste Management, and Marketing . Former   member of   the External Committee for the Development of the Land Use Planning in PR.

Paraphrasing, Ralph Waldo Emerson … the reward of a thing well done is to have done it … and nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm, has enlightened her, all these years at the Council.

Previous to this position as , Planning Director of a Municipality in PR , she has expertise in  conducting  research studies and  plans  for  public policy formulation; related to  urban , economic development , social services,  transportation,  recreation  and  development, ,rehabilitation and rental housing among others.

She has a   BBA in   Economics at the University of Sacred Heart, a Master Degree in Planning at the   Graduate School of Planning of UPR and a Certificate of Higher Education in Post-Graduate Studies in Commercial Education with a concentration in Consumer Behavior of
Baruch College.