NMSDC’s New Learning Center – Improve Your Virtual Sales Skills! MBE Testimonial

NMSDC Learning Center

Dr. Guido A. MinayaMy name is Dr. Guido A. Minaya. I am the CEO and chief learning officer of Minaya Learning Global Solutions. I am also an NMSDC-certified MBE. As a small family business owner with large and small clients, I have found it very important to adapt my sales approach to this new post-Covid business environment.

I was looking for a sales course that would help me better understand best practices in virtual selling. I found that course on the NMSDC Learning Center. I signed my team up for the new Learning Center and have personally taken four courses already. The Learning Center is a game changer! I highly recommend it.

Benefits—What I learned

  • I learned how to adapt my sales process to virtual selling.
  • I learned what makes the virtual sales meeting a productive meeting for my prospective client and for me.
  • I leaned the best practice in following-up after my virtual sales meetings.


How it Works

The NMSDC Learning Center provides customized subscription options for Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) and Corporate Members to choose from. Check out the videos below to learn how to get the most out of the NMSDC Learning Center.

Watch these video for details:

How To Access Your Account

How to Subscribe to a Learning Center Plan

How to Select a Course

How to Register

Visit www.nmsdclearning.com to register and subscribe to the plan that best suits your needs.