Sidd Ahmed Bio

In December 2007, Sidd started VDart, a one-person company ahead of the financial recession. He developed leadership teams, scalable delivery operations, and a trusted client base to create the next large enterprise. Today VDart has crossed the $100 million threshold, a feat only achieved by 140 companies in total out of the 22,000 staffing firms in the US. In 2018, VDart closed revenues in excess of $ 132 Million; operations in 8 countries; 2400 employees globally (53% women and 38% 1st generation learners); and the 11th fastest staffing company in the US (Source: SIA). Through several NMSDC/GMSDC sponsored mentoring programs, Sidd instilled a strong learning organization culture. Through his leadership, VDart has diversified business lines to product development and consulting solutions in industry leading Blockchain/IoT/RPA technologies (Ledgr/Vouch/VDart Digital). Outside of VDart, he is the Board of Director for the Georgia Education Foundation helping advance creative solutions to ensure equity and excellence in education for low-income students and students of color in the South. Sidd has also partaken in creating philanthropic organizations including V-Donor which allows people to find a hospital near them through an electronic medium in order to donate blood and V-Empower; a program centered around empowerment that teaches young girls in poverty ridden villages in India about their true roles in society.