Sidd Ahmed

Sidd Ahmed, Founder and CEO VDart GroupSidd Ahmed is the Founder and CEO of VDart Group, one of the leading digital talent management, solution and product companies found in the industry globally. VDart was born months after the recession during a time when companies were closing, and its success was the result of sheer effort and motivation from its captain, Sidd. He claims that it’s because the mindset has always been to “create opportunities for the success of others,” the company is standing where it is today.

Sidd’s vision has always been to build a leading enterprise that would “touch the lives of people, to create success, wealth and quality of life.” He was able to orchestrate this goal successfully by navigating a workforce of more than 2550+ people located in 7 different countries, and at the same time increasing those figures year on year. His vision is also the force that drives VDart’s CSR program which helped change the lives of children in need, the disabled, and the hundreds of people were victims of natural disasters.

It is a remarkable feat considering that prior to VDart’s success, Sidd had never worked in any large organization nor had he come from a corporate background. However, despite lacking those experiences Sidd has maintained exponential growth in the IT talent management industry and is now embarking on the digital frontier of technology, Industry 4.0.

Today among many other accolades VDart holds wins such as Inc. 5000 – 8 times fastest-growing firms in the US, NMSDC National MBE of the Year 2019, Supplier of the Year Class IV by NMSDC, MBE Advocate of the Year by GMSDC to name just a few. Along with those victories, Sidd also received Government’s Small Business Administration for Entrepreneurial Success 2018, Small Business Person of the Year – 2017 and the coveted Entrepreneur of the Year Regional Award for 2017 and Eagle Award for 2017 & 2018.

Sidd has participated in several different leadership mentoring programs from outstanding corporations such as Accenture and Delta Airlines because he believes that being a leader should not be viewed as a license to increase the volume of rhetoric, but instead a leader is a prime opportunity to realize the value of everything that can be gleaned from the minds of others.

Along with VDart, Sidd is also the CEO of VDart Digital, Vouch, and VDart BPM. While VDart has oces in the USA, Canada, UK & India and is ranked Inc 500 with revenue over $180 million. His leadership in the world of digital transformation has now expanded VDart into new countries such as Japan, Australia, and Belgium. He is also a member of the Board of Directors for the Georgia Education Foundation which supports GMSDC Academy an active alumni advocate of the Georgia Mentor Protégé Connection, Vice-Chair to the Stang Industry Group in MBEIC (Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee), Alumni Advocate at the Georgia Mentor Protégé Alumni Association. Sidd contributes to the foundation’s goal of scaling new heights of excellence