Suesal Arieli

Suesal Arieli
CEO and Founder
Arieli & Company

Suesal Arieli is the CEO and Founder of Arieli & Company. She started her career in law at a US/UK legal firm that specializes in sexual and racial harassment in the workplace. From there, she dedicated herself to 10 years investigating what drives peak performance in leadership. In 2014, she founded Arieli & Company (MBE, WBE).

Her business specializes in executive development and consulting that drives business transformation at global corporates. Arieli & Company uses deep psychometric data to analyze capability gaps and succession opportunities. Its expertise in sustainable behavior change equips it to deliver measurable results in executive and organizational development. Flagship products and services include executive development programs, and advisory on psychological safety and D&I strategy. Clients include Anheuser-Busch InBev, Cummins, and senior leadership at EY, BlackRock, and more.

Suesal has an MA (Oxon) in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from Balliol College, University of Oxford, and an MSc. in Industrial/Organizational and Business Psychology from University College London. She is an accredited executive coach with the Hudson Institute of Coaching and a Principal Practitioner (PPABP) at the Association of Business Psychology. She holds further accreditations with the British Psychological Society.