2023 State of Supplier Diversity Report Survey


Black woman wearing a yellow head scarf and blue shirt.

Today’s economic and political climates are driving a lot of change across businesses and supplier diversity programs alike. This makes the voice of the supplier diversity leader more important than ever, and the State of Supplier Diversity Survey can help give you that voice.

Every year, Supplier.io produces the State of Supplier Diversity Report. A report for supplier diversity leaders, based on the voice of those executing supplier diversity programs. The report’s purpose is to help foster ideas, identify challenges, trends and call out opportunities for growth across our shared mission.

You are invited to participate and have your voice heard in this year’s installment. The survey takes only 10 minutes to complete, and your insights will serve as an invaluable resource to your supplier diversity peers nationwide to help them better, plan, measure, and invest in their programs.

The 2022 Report was the most highly participated report in the first five years of its existence with data collected from over 200 programs and the report accessed by over 2000 supplier diversity stakeholders. Help take this year’s survey to a new level.

Take the survey today!

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