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Bank of America’s Supplier Diversity & Responsible Sourcing team is pleased to announce applications are now being accepted for this year’s Diverse Business Scholarship. The scholarship is sponsored by Bank of America, funded through the generosity of its third parties, and administered by Scholarship America. The program will award training and development scholarships of $10,000 to up to 15 certified small and diverse business owners. Its supplier diversity program is one of the many supply chain policies and processes that are a part of its commitment to driving responsible growth, including how it builds a diverse supplier base and fosters engagement and equal opportunities for qualified businesses regardless of background, demographics, culture, or any other core factor of difference. Participation in its supplier diversity program is voluntary.

Scholarship Application Key Dates

April 8
Online applications become available.

May 23 (3 p.m. CST)
Application deadline.

July 8
Scholarship America notifies award recipients.

How to Apply

Visit Scholarship America’s website for more information and a link to the scholarship application:

For More Information

For questions on the application process or requirements, email or call 507-931-1682 and ask for Bank of America’s Diverse Business Scholarship Program.

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