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NMSDC Joins #GivingTuesday , Help Us Make A Difference For MBEs

Ying McGuire, President and CEO, NMSDC

For the last 50 years, NMSDC has been advocating access to the American dream for minority business enterprises (MBEs). Our success is historic and unmatched: over 15,000 MBEs connected to more than 1,500 corporations, resulting in $400 billion in economic output annually, generating $48 billion in tax revenue, and sustaining 2.2 million jobs.

We are the nation’s largest, most impactful, and successful non-profit advocacy organization for MBEs, proving growth for MBEs is growth for all.

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, we know there is still much more work to be done. We have set a bold goal to achieve $1 trillion in MBE annual revenue generation (4.3% of US GDP) to support MBE growth. And at this critical juncture in NMSDC and American history, we have a powerful voice at a defining moment in time. But we need your help to close the wealth gap, because we cannot wait another 50 years for economic equity!

Join others in donating to our mission. Many companies match employee gifts. Check and see if your company is matching contributions, and double your impact with NMSDC!

Thank you for joining our cause.

Ying McGuire

CEO & President NMSDC

Donate To NMSDC - Help Us Make a Difference for MBEs.