Meet the Man Who Started a Conversation Worth a Billion Dollars: Clifford A. Bailey

Talking to business owner and National Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee (NMBEIC) Chair, a committee of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) , Clifford A. Bailey, it is obvious why he has been so successful in every role he has assumed. He sits on the board NMSDC and as the NMBEIC Chair, represents more than 12,000 small businesses.

Byron Stallworth  of National Roofing Partners recently caught up with Bailey in hopes of finding out what motivates this passionate advocate for minority business enterprise. Clifford A. Bailey is known as a tireless advocate for encouraging large corporations to invest in minority and women-owned businesses. What originally sparked this passion?

“It started in my childhood,” he said. “My parents helped many members of our community get jobs and build their businesses. So, little did I know at the time, I was growing up in a family of entrepreneurs. In addition to having full-time jobs, my folks had rental property and started a restaurant.

“Later, my father moved back to his hometown to pursue his dream of becoming a farmer. I realized that farming is a very pure form of entrepreneurship because there are so many factors that they have almost no control over! I got involved in my current work by watching my parents help others,” he said. “It motivated me to do the same.”


Source: National Roofing Partners