NMSDC Statement Regarding the Massive Flooding and Hurricanes that Have Devastated Puerto Rico and Florida

NMSDC Family and Friends,

I want to extend our strongest support and condolences to the people of Puerto Rico and Florida that have been displaced, hurt, or injured as a result of Hurricane Fiona and Hurricane Ian. I cannot imagine the challenges being faced by the communities affected by these storms.

Millions of families both in Puerto Rico and Florida are without power, water, or shelter. NMSDC stands with the communities, our regional councils, and our MBEs in these regions.

We have been in contact with the Puerto Rico Minority Supplier Development Council and Florida State Minority Supplier Development Council to see how we can help support their recovery efforts. NMSDC is also urging the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Administrator to work swiftly to assess damages and provide support and recovery funding.

Please stay safe.

Ying McGuire, CEO and President, NMSDC
Best Regards,
Ying McGuire
CEO and president

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