NMSDC Launches an MBE eMarketplace

NMSDC Launches an MBE eMarketplace - Building A Diverse and Capable Workforce

NMSDC Launches an MBE eMarketplace

“An innovative partnership with ePS, harnessing the power of technology to help MBEs grow.”


June 11, 2021
Contact: Tammy Wilkins, Chief of Staff, Vice President
Tammy.Wilkins@NMSDC.org | 212-944-2430

eProcurement ServicesNEW YORK, NY | June 11, 2021 – NMSDC eMarketplace (Powered and funded by ePS) was created to provide our 13,000+ NMSDC Certified MBE’s the technology to participate in any eMarketplace or eProcurement platform. This technology helps satisfy any buying organization’s purchasing and financial processes.

The NMSDC eMarketplace is NOT your typical eMarketplace where one size fits all. The technology behind the eMarketplace enables MBEs to grow and supports NMSDC Corporate Members reach their supplier diversity goals with NMSDC-certified MBEs.

Proven Solution: Our eMarketplace is now available to all corporate members at no cost. Currently over 15 Corporate Members use NMSDC eMarketplace to procure products from NMSDC certified MBEs. Our objective is to have all Corporate Members take advantage of this offering by enabling them to seamlessly source from NMSDC’s Certified MBEs.

The Value: The NMSDC eMarketplace technology will assist corporate members with an inclusive procurement strategy that will widen the potential supplier pool, while promoting competition in the supply base.

    • Corporate Members that already have an eProcurement platform (Coupa, Ariba, UniMarket, Jaggaer, ESM and others) can now easily add NMSDC Certified MBEs to their supply chain. With NMSDC eMarketplace participating NMSDC Certified MBEs will have the technology to integrate to their eProcurement platform. Register Now!
    • Corporate Members who do not have an eProcurement platform can get their custom version of the eMarketplace with eProcurement functionality to meet specific purchasing and financial processes. ePS will provide your private branded version at NO COST. Register Now!
    • Corporate Members that have P-card and Credit card off-contract spend going to other eMarketplaces can register and start shopping from NMSDC suppliers today. The NMSDC eMarketplace provides multiple product categories, data analytics, level III (3) line-item reporting and more. Register Now!

“We are excited in partnering with ePS to drive further the core of our strategy: ‘Enable MBEs to grow.’ NMSDC eMarketplace provides a seamless and agnostic connection between Corporations spend management systems and thousands of Minority Business Enterprises that carry NMSDC’s gold standard certification,” said Jose Turkienicz, NMSDC Chairman of the Board.”

We thank you in advance for your continued commitment and support as our Certified MBEs thrive during these challenging economic times, while focusing on Growth. Resilience. Innovation. Transformation.

For additional information about NMSDC, becoming a certified Minority Business Enterprise, or Corporate Member, please visit NMSDC.org.