Virtual Town Hall Information Series

At NMSDC, We are Thinking of You
and Your Business, as the COVID-19 Virus Emergency Unfolds.

To stay in touch and to share some useful information, NMSDC has opened an ongoing, network-wide conversation about how businesses are responding to the crisis, through a series of live virtual Town Halls.

Each Town Hall solicits and answers critical questions about how businesses navigate in these difficult days.

  • How are you coping?
  • What can corporate customers do to answer the needs of MBEs?
  • What support do federal, state, and local governments need to offer minority businesses?
  • How are CPOs mitigating risks in their supply chains?
  • Are they working with minority suppliers to reduce impact on their businesses?
  • What strategies are corporations following to limit the risk to minority suppliers?

For answers to these and many other questions – in case you missed the live transmissions – visit the recordings of these Town Halls, available here for your review.

NMSDC COVID-19 Virtual Town Hall: How the Federal Relief Initiative Works for Minority Business

April 3, 2020
To confront the biggest question that we are all facing today – how does minority business survive and even thrive during the COVID-19 crisis? – NMSDC invites you to join us for a very special live Virtual Town Hall on Friday, April 3, about the CARES Act and what this federal stimulus package can do for minority business.

How CPOs Are Responding: The Corporate Perspective on the COVID-19 Business Challenges

April 2, 2020
For its third weekly virtual Town Hall in the ongoing health emergency, NMSDC invites you to join us on Thursday, April 2, for an essential discussion – “How CPOs Are Responding: The Corporate Perspective on the COVID-19 Business Challenges.”

How MBEs Are Navigating The COVID-19 Business Challenges

March 26, 2020
A town hall focused on a frank discussion with minority business owners on of the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on their business, how are they coping, what can corporate customers do to support them and what advice can they give to other MBEs. What do the federal, state and local governments need to do to support minority businesses?

How Can MBEs Survive the Impact of COVID-19?

March 19, 2020
As this health emergency continues to unfold, NMSDC is fortifying its advocacy and its commitment to meeting the needs and concerns of MBEs. Our transformed mission is even more vitally important than ever – today, tomorrow, and beyond. This Town Hall is a component in that mission. We need to hear your questions, your concerns, and your ideas. With your feedback, we can work more effectively as a network.