NMSDC’s New Learning Center – Strategic Planning SEAL Course (Scan, Experiment, Adapt, Learn)

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My name is Dr. Guido A. Minaya.  I am the CEO and Chief Learning Officer of Minaya Learning Global Solutions.  I am also a certified NMSDC MBE.

As a small family business owner with clients around the US and in other countries, it is important for my firm to develop an annual strategic plan.  We normally have three focused workshops beginning with a recap of the year’s results with respect to customer satisfaction, sales, financial sustainability, and what we learned.

Our second strategic planning session involves some level of a SWOT analysis for key clients, strategic partners, and competitors.  This year we are changing the process based on a great course available through the NMSDC Learning Center.

I took the SEAL Course and found it to be very helpful as we frame our next strategic planning meeting.  In essence, the course presents how a high degree of organizational agility can help a company react successfully to the emergence of new competitors, the development of new industry-changing technologies, or sudden shifts in overall market conditions.  Each of my team members will be taking this course in preparation for our next strategic planning session.  I highly recommend the NMSDC Learning Center and the SEAL Course.

Benefits—What I learned.

  • I learned about the key SEAL topics, which include Scan, Experiment, Adapt and Learn.
  • I learned about distinguishing trends like those that are happening now, emerging in the next 1-3 years, and those that are on the horizon.
  • I learned that agility focuses on opportunities, not trends. We must find and pursue opportunities to create new value.

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