Business Connection Matchmaker

The National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) holds quarterly matchmaking events (both virtually and in-person) designed to provide a setting for participants to connect with buyers or minority business enterprises (MBEs) with business opportunities, receive a consultation, or get access to capital.

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About the Matchmaker Events

We are focused on facilitating connections with new markets and emerging businesses primed for certification and the capacity and capability for growth. 

Join us for our quarterly matchmaker events to connect with buyers or MBEs with business opportunities, receive a consultation, or get access to capital. 

NMSDC-certified MBEs should ensure the following information is completed to receive approval within 48 hours:  

  • Add your NAICS codes by selecting the ‘My Opportunities’ tab.
  • Upload your valid proof of NMSDC certification and a capabilities statement. To upload files click on the icon on the top right of the screen.

Connect ⇒ Partner ⇒ Grow

Our last quarterly matchmaker event garnered a number of new connections to establish partnerships, allowing our NMSDC-certified MBEs the opportunity to grow and scale to fulfill new contracts:


Minority Businesses


Corporate Members


Matchmaker Meetings Held

Matchmaker's Process

  • Step 1 – Register. Eligible national/local corporate members, government agencies, and all MBEs create profiles and post opportunities.
  • Step 2 – Search for matches and schedule appointments.
  • Step 3 – Meet your matches.

Registration Process

  • If you have registered for previous matchmakers, log in to the portal to receive a link to update your profile. You can select from one or more opportunities: connect with buyers, receive/provide consultation, access capital, or connect with MBEs.

  • If you have not registered for previous matchmakers, create an account in the portal and fill out your profile.

Don't Miss a Matchmaker Event

Be sure to sign up for NMSDC communications and subscribe to the Events and Programs Communications subscription to receive future matchmaker event communications.