Become a Corporate Plus Member (MBEs)

The National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) has more than 100 Corporate Plus member minority business enterprises (MBEs) that have demonstrated their capacity to execute national contracts for major corporations.

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Membership Eligibility

An NMSDC Corporate Plus member is defined as an NMSDC-certified MBE operating for at least 3 years and having gross revenues of at least $25M. Corporate Plus members need to be committed to business diversity and the inclusion of NMSDC-certified minority business enterprises (MBEs) in the procurement process.

Recommendation by a national corporate member of NMSDC, who will be the Corporate Plus sponsor.

Proven track record of successful performance of national contracts for the sponsoring corporation.

Must have an established formal supplier/business diversity program or commitment to implement a supplier/business diversity program that promotes the utilization of NMSDC-certified MBEs.

Membership Benefits

As a NMSDC Corporate Plus member, you will unlock the following benefits* to connect with opportunities for contracts and enhance your supplier/business diversity program thus creating a more agile and diverse supply chain that better meets your consumers’ needs while increasing your shareholders’ return on investment.

  • Access to NMSDC’s new enhanced online database of all NMSDC-certified MBEs, decreasing your time to source new suppliers.
  • Opportunities to expand contacts with NMSDC corporate
    members beyond traditional networking sessions.
  • Complimentary registration for quarterly matchmaker events to connect with MBEs and source for upcoming needs.
  • Discounts to attend the NMSDC Annual Conference & Exchange and Minority Business Economic Forum.
  • Sponsorship, exhibition, and advertising opportunities at NMSDC signature events to showcase your programs and events and connect with new corporate members and MBEs.
  • Access to NMSDC programs such as Centers of Excellence, Acres, and Global Link.
  • Access to networking opportunities.
  • Assistance and support in marketing requests for proposals/bid opportunities, events, and MBE news/awards.
  • Corporate member and MBE referrals and/or introductions.

*Additional benefits come from the regional affiliate where your company is headquartered. 

Membership Dues Structure

NMSDC Corporate Plus membership dues are reviewed and updated annually. Dues are based on a flat fee of $5,000 per year. Membership renewal is based on the member’s anniversary date. 

Membership Application Process

The following general process is followed for membership onboarding:

  • The sponsoring corporate member must submit the MBE candidate’s nomination form, signed by a senior executive or CPO on behalf of the corporation, as well as a letter of recommendation for the MBE candidate.
  • NMSDC review and approval of the application.
  • Invoice and payment of applicable membership dues.
  • Membership onboarding:
    • MBE Growth Engagement Ambassador introduction.
    • Systems access credentials.
    • Onboarding webinar.

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