MBEs Receive Corporate Plus Designation at 2023 Annual Conference & Exchange

Corporate Plus Induction at 2023 Annual Conference & Exchange

During the 2023 Annual Conference & Exchange in Baltimore this past October, NMSDC inducted several new Corporate Plus members. The Corporate Plus program is an unprecedented membership program for NMSDC-certified minority businesses of the highest caliber. This program was created to address corporations’ requests for assistance in locating minority suppliers with the capacity to fulfill national contracts.

Minority business enterprises (MBEs) receiving Corporate Plus designation in October include:

“The recent achievements of our latest Corporate Plus members underscore the potential that unfolds when we prioritize the acceleration of MBE growth and strive to attain NMSDC’s ambitious goal of $1 trillion in annual revenue for certified MBEs,” said Director of Corporate Plus Lorena Valencia.

Members of Corporate Plus have proven their ability to carry out nationwide contracts on behalf of major corporations. MBEs nominated by NMSDC national corporate members for this designation experience heightened visibility among their corporate counterparts and enjoy increased opportunities for contracting across the broader NMSDC network.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Blackstone Charitable Foundation, NMSDC is continuing to expand the Corporate Plus program to include more high-growth MBEs. To learn more about the program, including how your business can qualify, visit the Corporate Plus page on the NMSDC website.

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