NMSDC and Accion Opportunity Fund Partner to Advance Minority Business Enterprises

Strategic Partnerships

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NMSDC and the Accion Opportunity Fund (AOF) recently entered a strategic partnership to advance growth for women and minority-owned businesses and build long-lasting generational wealth for their communities.

AOF is an unparalleled financial support system that provides small business owners in the U.S. with access to capital, networks, and coaching. It is committed to advancing economic mobility for women and people of color who own small businesses and low-income communities through affordable financial services, knowledge resources, networks, and policy. More specifically, it supports small business owners by providing them with fairly priced loans, educational resources, coaching, and support networks in English and Spanish. Known for its highly personalized approach to working with clients, it has translated its high-touch, on-the-ground experience into a seamless and personal digital experience.

The partnership between NMSDC and AOF focuses on six core pillars comprising:

  • Advocacy for the common economic interests of AOF and NMSDC constituents that will address and promote governmental policies related to minority business and economic growth.
  • Collaboration that promotes minority business enterprises (MBEs) and corporate partners both domestically and internationally by fostering innovative approaches that address minority business growth in the global marketplace as a united front.
  • Growth through the advancement of NMSDC-certified MBEs and AOF members to create intergenerational wealth in underserved communities.
  • Facilitation of joint events, programs, seminars, workshops, meetings, and discussions to create opportunities for commerce-driven activity.
  • Engagement of the diverse clients and members of both organizations to open doors with both public and private companies and governmental institutions.
  • Sharing of the best practices, knowledge, and experiences necessary to advance each organization’s mission, vision, and purpose to help achieve the common goals and objectives of the organizations amongst respective members, clients, program participants, key stakeholders, and other strategic partners.

“As part of a network that includes 23 regional affiliates, more than 17,000 MBEs, and over 1,700 corporate members, NMSDC understands the true power of working together towards a shared vision, said Jetheda Hernandez, NMSDC senior director of MBE Services and strategic partnerships. “We look forward to the positive impact this partnership with AOF will have on all the people our organizations serve as we work to create long-lasting generation wealth for women and communities of color.”

To learn more about AOF visit their website at https://aofund.org/.

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